About the Club

Xposed is a large full nude gentlemen’s club with 20 foot ceilings and glass waterfalls.  The club includes a large granite runway stage, tall chrome dance poles, smoke machines, computer intelligent stage lighting, and a top of the line sound system.  Our guests will be impressed with the attention to detail of the entire club, including the restrooms.

Full nude and alcohol on site, makes this is the only venue of its type in Los Angeles and is centered in the porn capital of the world, the west San Fernando Valley.

There are two well lit parking lots, front and rear.
There is also parking in adjacent lots, north and south, as well as street parking
8229 Canoga Ave Canoga Park, CA 91304

Ask Us Anything

    Bar Hours

    Sunday: 7pm-2am
    Closed Monday
    Tuesday: 7pm-2am
    Wednesday: 7pm-2am
    Thursday: 7pm-2am
    Friday: 7pm-2am
    Saturday: 7pm-2am

    Club Hours

    Sunday: 8pm-2am
    Closed Monday
    Tuesday: 8pm-3am
    Wednesday: 8pm-3am
    Thursday: 8pm-3am
    Friday: 8pm-4am
    Saturday: 8pm-4am

    Meet the Girls

    Many Photos Courtesy of Earl Miller Photography

    * Disclaimer: No one is naïve enough to believe that the use of a pretty face on this site should give the impression to anyone, with an IQ above their shoe size, that the models will be present at Xposed nor have the photo models have “endorsement” this site or Xposed.