What is Xposed Club

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For a moment, think about a place where relaxation and allure are the only acceptable states of mind and body to be in. Every sense is titillated, and the company of good friends is the norm. This is not a random dream you had weeks ago. It’s an evening spent at the Xposed Club in LA. This popular club offers everything that a modern gentleman could want in live adult entertainment.

The mold is broken with Xposed Club. This venue is perfect for all types of needs ranging from bachelor parties, to work breaks with an erotic twist. This club is dedicated to featuring performers who have physical beauty, coupled with a flair for client service and public interaction. Simply put, every full nude performer is confident in their skills as a dancer, yet proud to have what it takes to make connections with club patrons.

This strip club is respected in the LA area for many reasons. One of the most important is its dedication to entertainment standards. Performing completely nude on stage is an exciting experience for our gorgeous ladies and they absolutely love attention. We have a wide variety of exotic beauties that crave an audience, and love giving up close and personal dances.
All patrons can enjoy the most vibrant and interactive nude dancers in LA, you just have to show up. Special cover rates are available for large groups, and VIP shows are always available for special parties and social occasions.